Commemorating 100 years since Prohibition came into force in the USA, this collection of vintage blues, jazz and roots music is dripping with authentic 1930s sounds, and lots of Prohibition-themed humour and heartache.


Track list:

1. Every Day Will Be Sunday When the Town Goes Dry

2. Goodbye Booze

3. I Never Knew I Had a Wonderful Wife (Until the Town Went Dry)

4. Just a Little Drink

5. Prohibition Blues

6. God Don't Like It

7. How Are You Going to Wet Your Whistle

8. Kentucky Bootleggers

9. I’ll See You in C-U-B-A

10. The Alcoholic Blues

11. Prohibition Is a Failure


Released: March 2020.

The Jake Leg Jug Band - 'Goodbye Booze' digital